Why Do People Cry?? It Turns Out That This Is Its Benefits!!!

Crying is often associated with powerlessness even considered a weak attitude especially if it is done by men. Although in fact, the tears are a natural reaction issued by the body when it responded to the pressure of the emotions.

When emotions peaked and there really is a strong urge to cry, but you hold it so that as much as possible not to cry then these conditions will give rise to a sense of a very uncomfortable and like there's the Scotch.

Have you ever experienced it? This is just a little example of why do we indeed need to cry when the emotional pressure to respond.

If You feel strongly over this and cry is not the expression of that will make you feel better, then you should know the benefits of crying 5 as quoted from Lifehack.

1. Crying will make you easier to rise from sorrow

While the burden of thoughts and sadness are hard to express words and tend to suppress her him alone, then it would make you feel the sinking. However, when You express it by crying, it will help dispel the sadness and much easier to rise from the problems that exist.

2. Crying will reduce the burden of the mind and helps overcome stress

If you think that all is fine and pretend as if there is not the slightest sadness in the hearts of the mind, it is thrown away.

You can't forever escape from grief and problems that confront it, squeeze though bitter and must cry could be the right solution to reduce the burden on your mind.

Remember that habits of mind and the burden of grief harbored quite the effect would cause the less good for mental health.

When you respond to the emotions with tears and the heart feels calmer, then slowly the thought would be more clear in the face of problems including realizing the cause of Your sorrow during this grave deeply.

In addition, any emotional stress pressure will decrease when you cry. It will also greatly affect mood changes or mood to a more positive direction.

3. Crying will help you receive the sense of loss

The grief that culminated in consequence of the loss of a cherished will certainly make you unable to speak. The best thing you need to do is cry and let all the loads on the chest fall along the fall a tear.

As strong as any of you, your sense of loss will still cause sadness in our hearts. To express grief by crying will help you be more sincere and receive the sense of loss as part of life's journey.

4. Cry make feeling lighter and You become stronger

The results of a study conducted at the University of Florida stated that 88.8 percent of respondents feel better after crying. So from these studies were drawn a conclusion that proved more effective than crying all types of antidepressants are circulating on the market.

In addition with the crying, You have acknowledged the sadness and the feelings that were experienced. The audacity to cry naturally needs its own power. And with crying, you will feel stronger than ever.

5. Crying will help to remove body toxins

In their study, Dr. William H. Frey Il Ph.D. a neuroscientist from Paul-Ramsey Medical Center said that the average woman has a tendency to cry up to 75 times a year, while the male is only about 7 times a year.

Research on crying and the tears also pointed out that the tears that came out when the cry would help the body excrete toxic substances or cortisol triggers known as substance triggers stress.

Frey assumes that crying is not just a form of natural human response against stress and sadness, but also give you a healthy positive effect. Where crying is proven capable of lowering heart rate, blood pressure and provide a therapeutic effect on the body.

Crying is a natural reaction to reduce the emotional stress that is experienced, so when not issued will give the effect is not good for the health of body and mind.

Never hold your grief let alone run from the sadness or the suppress her him alone. Try to accept that sad sense of acknowledging the sadness, and weep to express it. You will definitely feel much better after crying.

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