This Dangerous Food Is Consumed At One Time.

Many sets of nutrients that we often face, for example, the smoothie and pasta with sauce. However, it turns out that there are a number of groups of nutrients that can affect the digestive system and are well below health.
The following six groups of folk foods can interfere with digestion and health.
1.    Tomatoes and cucumbers
This group has always been confronted when it consumes power or usually becomes complementary to fried rice. However, a study showed that combining two of these vegetables can disrupt biochemical paths in the body. This can cause excessive swelling and called political, as well as vitamins contained in each of these vegetables,  cannot be digested properly.
2.    Pasta and minced meat
Each makes a paste or buy it, and sometimes there will be minced meats in it. The players produce Amyllaz and Tealin which converts carbohydrates (pasta) to simple sugars. When simple sugars that cover the protein of meat, they create a mixture of hazardous chemicals that can lead to diabetes and diseases that have to do with cardiovascular disease.
3.    Potatoes and meat
As it turns out, a blend that we always face this is a combination of foods that are very heavy. The starch in the potato requires fluid in piercings and protein from the acid needs of meat. If eaten together, they will be stuck in the stomach and fetch unpleasant things, such as heartburn, burping, and gas.
4.    Milk and Bananas
This blend is very common among young people, especially those who follow a healthy lifestyle. This combination is highly nutritious and does not require a long time. However, there is an argument from some dieticians against these combinations.
There are some nutritionists who think that fruits, especially those that are sweet, should be consumed separately. This fruit will stay long in the body and slows down the digestive system, especially when eaten with other foods. At the same time, milk will also be healthier if taken separately.
5.    Milk and pineapple manufactured products
Sour fruit will make digestion become armpit, especially in the morning. In addition, pineapple contains bromine, an enzyme compound that can cause poisoning when combined with milk-processed products. If you want, replace the pineapple with other fruits that are better for processed milk products, for example, Peach.
6.    Beer and Peanuts
Some people like to consume common beer nuts. However, foods that have high levels of salt, such as peanuts, can cause dehydration and possible consumption of beer even more. Provide water when drinking beer to avoid dehydration.
7.    Soybeans and green onion
Soybeans contain a lot of calcium and garlic containing many oxalic acids if taken together can affect calcium absorption. When this practice persists in the long term, the body will lack calcium that causes seizures, bone (low levels of bone metals) and bone fracture.
8.    Soy Milk and eggs
An egg is a protein-rich food. Unlike soy milk, it can reduce the protein enzyme activity that is used by the body to help protein metabolism. The body will not get the good protein of eggs if consumed with soy milk.
9.    Milk and chocolate
Milk and chocolate are not suitable to be consumed together. Milk is rich in protein and calcium, while many browns contain Oxalate acid. Calcium from milk and oxyacetic acid in chocolate can form calcium Oxalate which in addition does not melt easily into the body, it can also cause diarrhea if it is consumed together.
10. Milk and fruits

And we certainly often ate fruit soup that indoors there are different types of fruits such as strawberries, apples, fruits, Kolang Kaling, coconut, watermelon etc. This fruit should not be consumed with milk. Many fruits contain acid so they are not good with high protein milk. Protein acid is bound so that it's going to be hard to digest.

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