The Benefits of Garlic for Health

Garlic is one of the ingredients certainly are familiar sounds in the ears of society Indonesia. Garlic is one of the main ingredients that are almost there in every cuisine, which gives the distinctive flavors and savory, so also add to the enjoyment of a cuisine.

Garlic themselves, it turns out that in addition to can be used as seasoning stir-fry ingredients and also the kitchen, often processed into the form of pickles, namely pickled garlic. not much different with pickles, garlic using a mixture of vinegar and salt to make it. The following are the steps-the steps to process the garlic into garlic pickles:

The materials to be prepared:

Take approximately 500 gr garlic or adjust to the amount of the need
1-2 teaspoon salt
1 – 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
3 tablespoons vinegar kitchen
As many as 250 ml waters

How to make Pickled Garlic:

Mix the garlic and the mean Ow with salt, then after evenly save it in the jar, and close with a meeting
Boil water together with the sugar until it dissolves, then stir in the vinegar, mix well, and chill
Pour stew results sugar, water, and vinegar into the jar containing garlic, cover with a meeting, then up to 2 – 3 days to make pickles is becoming more perfect.

That's the steps-steps to make pickled garlic.

What are the benefits of a garlic pickle?
Pickled garlic has lots of benefits of, especially for those of you who don't like consuming garlic that has not been processed, because even though it has become a pickle, and nutrients content of its nutrition value remains stored properly. What are the benefits of a garlic pickle? Here are some benefits of pickled garlic:

Can be used as a dining or snacks

With the extra water, sugar, salt, and vinegar, then also pickled garlic now already have a taste of salty, sweet and sour that the effect is very refreshing. In addition to friends can be packed, pickled garlic can be eaten simply and refreshing effect.

Useful as antibacterial and antiseptic as well

Garlic naturally contains antibacterial and antiseptic. This will cause the garlic was able to ward off various diseases caused by infectious germs and bacteria.

Prevent and decrease levels of cholesterol

For those of you who have the talent of the disease cholesterol, pickled garlic is Sanat good for you, because your own garlic has natural properties can control and also lowers the levels of cholesterol inside the body.

Preventing hypertension

Garlic also has excellent benefits to prevent a rise in your blood pressure, or that we often know the terms hypertension. Hypertension alone can be bad for health, such as:

The entrance of various
Cause heart attack and stroke
Disorders of the mood

Can soothe

Well, for those of you who have experienced hypertension especially soothing and relaxing effect, which is owned by the garlic can be a mainstay, this relaxing effect in addition to lowering blood pressure, can also make you a more tenant and not fast rising his emotions.

Good for bone health

Garlic also contains calcium. calcium is one of the types of minerals that are good for the health of your bones. Calcium can prevent a variety of disorders of the bones, such as:

Abnormalities of bone growth
Prevent the height.

Can accelerate the growth of nerve cells and

Other benefits that can be obtained from garlic is garlic that is able to accelerate the growth of cells and nerves. In addition, garlic is also good for tissue repair – damaged body tissue, so that it can function normally again.

Good to keep the resistance of the body

Garlic has the content of vitamin C and also an antioxidant. Both the content of this effect is very good for keeping the durability of the body and is also capable to prevent the body of developing various diseases

Able to improve blood circulation

Iron provides tremendous benefits in smooth blood circulation. This will cause the supply of blood and oxygen to the entire also organs in need become faster and also optimal.

Prevent anemia or lack of blood

Iron content in garlic is very good for those of you who are having symptoms – symptoms of deficiency of blood or anemia, such as Weak, tired, tired, Lethargic and also Weakness.
Can treat the flu and cough too

The natural content of vitamin C, an antioxidant, and its nature as an antiseptic and anti-bacterial make excellent garlic to treat a cough and flu by bacteria and germs as well.


Antioxidants contained in garlic is one of the good content to ward off free radicals, and can also prevent the growth and emergence of cells – cancer cells in the body.

Help raise the baby's weight over time in the womb

During pregnancy, mothers are also advised to consume garlic. This is due to the womb of garlic can be the weight of the fetus and is good for the development of nerve and tissue in the fetus during the content.

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