Is It Dangerous Disease Of Hypertension In Pregnant Women?

If you plan to have children in the near future, it would be better to check your blood pressure first.

If you have high blood pressure before pregnancy, then most likely you will experience chronic hypertension during pregnancy.

Unless hypertension occurs only during pregnancy, most likely can still be overcome.

Hypertension is a disease that often appears in pregnant women, it is because pregnant women experiencing weight gain that makes the blood pressure be increased.

What is the disease of hypertension is dangerous in pregnant women?

In this article, a friend all will get an overview of what can trigger the onset of hypertension, are a type of the disease is dangerous to babies, as well as how the solution in case of complications.

Hypertension in pregnant women

In most cases, the disease is characterized by hypertension blood pressure above 140/90 mm Hg. hypertension l.a.p.d. on pregnant women, blood pressure is above 140/90 mm Hg.

Hypertension in pregnant women with gestational hypertension also called.

Gestational hypertension occurred on 1st and 2nd trimester if hypertension occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy will most likely appear symptoms of preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a condition in which high blood pressure is getting worrisome and is usually accompanied by convulsions.

It is very dangerous to pregnant women or babies inside the womb.

Causes of Hypertension in pregnant women

That you increasingly aware about hypertension in pregnant women, here are some of the causes of hypertension in pregnant women:

1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

The main causes of the presence of hypertension in pregnant women is an unhealthy lifestyle.

The habit of drinking alcohol and smoking also causes blood pressure to be increased.

Besides someone who rarely moves is also likely to experience hypertension at the time of pregnancy.

Obesity is also one of the causes of hypertension in pregnant women.

2. The first Pregnancy

Hypertension usually occurs in a person who is the first experience of pregnancy. In the next pregnancy, a person will not experience hypertension.

3. Contain more than one child

Other causes are to contain more than one child. Pregnant women experience pressure fold from children it contains.

4. Old Age

Besides hypertension usually, occurs in women aged 40 years and above.

Diseases of Hypertension in pregnant women, is it dangerous?

As has been explained above, hypertension after 20 weeks of pregnancy can cause preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia can cause damage to the kidneys and brain, organs and symptoms can be very fatal.

During pregnancy, the doctor will check your blood pressure is still verge of normal or not.

Preeclampsia very hard to diagnose, so the doctor will take samples of urine on pregnant women to view the content of protein.

To avoid the occurrence of preeclampsia, it's good pregnant women consume fruit and vegetables in large quantities. Besides regular exercise can also be performed by pregnant women.

Pregnant women who experience hypertension might just give birth normally, but if hypertension can affect on babies in the womb, then the doctor will suggest the induction.

Induction or stimulation of labor is needed especially for those who have experienced preeclampsia.

Pregnant women who experience hypertension is strongly recommended to continue to check their blood pressure, make sure the intake of nutrients.

To avoid the complications it's good to continue to communicate with the doctor and ask for a variety of care recommendations either therapy or medications.

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