How to Eliminate a Toothache Until Thoroughly

The Mechanism Of Onset Of a Toothache
The main cause why a toothache that came up is because of a bacterial infection. Where these destructive bacteria at the entrance to the enamel in teeth. More precisely on the nerves inside the gums so ill. So the common people mention as eating it and eating it, in fact, it is a factor only. The main causes are bacteria. But there is also a small part because it caused by a layer of the tooth so it makes email sensitive teeth and toothache.

Can Cavities can cause a toothache? No! When the gear hole not up to the part of the nerve gums or have yet to penetrate the bottom teeth so it will not cause a toothache. But if it had been up penetrating into then it could cause a toothache. These bacteria can cause a buildup of asbestos in the hole of teeth, infected gums and cause a toothache. But it needs to be in the know also right, how bacteria can cause cavities? You can read the article on "the reaction of this bacteria make a hollow tooth"

So in essence (conclusion) a cause toothache that is bacteria. And now we already know the cause why pain? Well next up is eliminate it. To remove it is by way of the order to not kill the bacteria causing the infection in the gums.
Treatment Of a Toothache
Okay now let's find out how to treat a toothache. As we know above that bacterial which causes a toothache. Then to resolve it is to destroy the bacteria that are present in the teeth. To kill bacteria that need antiseptic or antibiotic. Antiseptic is usually in a can from a doctor or purchased in pharmacies.

But you don't have to bother coming to the doctor because there are natural ingredients containing antiseptic. There are two methods for relieving toothache, that resolve from the outside and overcome from the inside. The following is an explanation of how it works:
1) Tackle from outside
Resolve from outside is treating a toothache with the help of some medicines that contain antibacterial or antiseptic that will kill the bacteria causing your toothache. Some foods and ways of its use are as follows:
1. Salt

Many salts being a natural remedy to overcome illness caused by bacteria. The content of salt in the salt can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth. How to use you simply dissolve salt to taste into a glass of water and then use it to gargle every day until the pain subsided teeth.
2. Lime

Lemon contains citric acid. This citric acid can inhibit the growth of bacteria and kills the bacteria. So much in use as a preservative. Because that's the lemon contains a natural antiseptic. You can use lemon juice in water add with warm water in a glass and then use it to gargle every day.
3. Lemon

Just like lemons, lemons contain citric acid. The Content of antiseptic in the lemon can be set as a natural alternative to killing bacteria causing your toothache. The trick is pretty easy, you take the juice of lemon water in the add with warm water then make to gargle every day.
4. Betel leaf

The betel leaf is already in trust since ancient times and became a traditional remedy to this day many still in use. Content in antiseptic to kill the bacterial cause of a toothache. In addition, these leaves also contain bitter taste which will reduce inflammation in the tooth holes. How to use it you first boil some pieces of betel leaf, after it let a little water evaporate until the water changes color. Chill water decoction of betel leaf and use it to gargle every day.
5. the Tamarind Seed

Tamarind can be used as a remedy a toothache with a very simple way. You just toast the seeds then puree after that apply on the tooth that hurts.

Not just the seeds only. The leaves of the tamarind also contain antiseptic, you can use the content of this antiseptic to kill the bacteria on your teeth. Do I take a leaf tamarind to taste clean from dust and you boil it with water, then chill and take the water to use as a gargle.
6. Garlic

Garlic is already well known from the first as a traditional medicine. This is because the content of antiseptic that is in natural medicine, which became effective in killing bacteria. You can use this garlic to reduce your toothache is to crush one clove of garlic in a little salt with added. And then apply it on the tooth that hurts.
7. Red Onion

Just like garlic on top, the plant is still a party tuber, onion also contains a natural antiseptic that can kill bacteria. You can use as a remedy a toothache that is to pulverize 1 piece of onion on the added salt and then apply on perforated teeth
8. Coconut water

Coconut water is very much a benefit to the body. In addition as a substitute for a missing body ion coconut water also contain a natural antiseptic. You can use coconut water to gargle every day. Please use a coconut already in order to contain, approximately 1 cm of the contents or an old one. Because the content of sugar in an old coconut a bit more so that it will ease the pain. In addition the content of old coconut oil on more. You can see the difference on a young coconut water and coconut aged. This is important because oil deposits contain natural antiseptic oil on

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