Corn Hair Benefits For Diabetes, Hypertension, Renal

Utilization of simple materials as a traditional herbal medicine processed in fact getting attention from the community. Efficacy and benefits of the hair of corn if processed or processed correctly proven can treat diabetes, caring for the health of the kidneys and lower high blood pressure.

How to cultivate corn hair become healthier drinks is actually very simple and no special equipment is required.
No doubt you have already processed-tasting roasted corn or corn on the cob. Both the culinary specialties all walks of society due to the easy way of cooking it. But not everyone is privy to the hair of corn for health benefits are terrific.

Instead of throwing away the hair that sticks to the corn when will boil or burn it, better collected to be processed into drinks herbal tea is beneficial as a cure diabetes, hypertension, and kidney.

What is the content of the hair of corn that is beneficial to health?
Real evidence the abundance of corn hair benefits for diabetes, hypertension and kidney organs can be seen from the content of nutrients, vitamins and natural substances in it. Useful content is proteins, carbohydrates, minerals potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and fiber.

Tea corn hair also are diuretics so that waging a pee, helps reduce inflammation and keep the balance of one's blood sugar levels.
Efficacious for treating diabetes
Diabetes (diabetes) is one of the chronic diseases that are difficult to be cured completely. Throughout his life, diabetics should keep the sugar levels in the blood (glucose) does not exceed the limit of safety.

Corn hair benefits for diabetes already through modern research trials, one of which conducted by HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS 1. How to prepare it: prepare 75 grams of corn hair already dry, then boiled with 2 ½ cups of water. After the stew turned brownish water, lift. Drink of water decoction of this corn hair twice a day in the morning and afternoon on a regular basis.
Helpful cure urinary tract infections
Drinking tea corn hair every morning are believed capable of preventing simultaneously treating infections of the urinary tract. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, herbal tea can help reduce the feeling of pain associated with urinary tract infections.

How to make tea the hair of corn is very simple, simply such with hot water to taste then drink until the moment the water changes color.
Corn hair for health benefits of kidney
Thanks to the diuretic properties contained in it, extract the hair of corn in the form of drinks or capsules is beneficial for waging a pee. If the Pee already smoothly then work organ kidneys to get rid of excess pain can optimally.

If the process of disposal of the substance pouring already optimal, then you will be spared from a malignant disease of the kidney stones.
Useful for reducing hypertension
Hypertension is a health disorder that can trigger the onset of a stroke and a heart attack if left. Water boiled corn hair in the form of herbal teas contain essential minerals that are able to maintain and control your blood pressure.

A controlled blood pressure greatly affects one's health because it could prevent the onset of other diseases such as diabetes.
Efficacy and benefits of other corn hair
Useful for overcoming prostate inflammation, treat congestive heart failure, fatigue, the pain of gout, blood flow, stop the habit of bedwetting in children, digestion, is antiseptic and antibacterial.

Herbal Tea Corn Hair


A handful of dried corn hair
1 cup hot water

How to make tea the hair of corn:

Select the hair of corn that was already dry.
If necessary dry it first in the Sun.
Seduh wearing hot water, let sit for a moment.
After the water turned Brown, set aside corn hair. Drinking tea while warm.

In order so that the benefits of drinking herbal tea from the hair of corn can be maximum, drink regularly 2-3 times a week.

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