Benefits of Spinach Leaves for the Health of Your Body

Spinach has been known throughout Indonesia and also the world. This plant is actually derived from the tropical regions of the Americas, however, as we have seen now, this plant has been spread all over the world. Uniquely, spinach leaves are used as a vegetable is in areas of Southeast Asia and East Asia. Spinach plant forms erect, though there are some that are a bit skewed. Usually, it reaches 80-150 cm. The Stem is small and juicy.

Did you know that spinach can be categorized into two types? Spinach, which is also included in the genus Amaranthus, differentiated into types of spinach: spinach and unplug. What's the difference? The first is, unplug the spinach was shorter than the ' spinach. Unplug your own spinach leaves are smaller and regular revoked up to its roots. Spinach is what is usually used for soups. While spinach quotation drew high upright with the size of the leaves is wider, so it is usually used in dishes such as and fresh vegetables.
The Type Species Of Spinach

In addition to the above two categories, spinach plants itself actually has many species. Here are some of the species are known: spinach

Amaranthus commonly used as a quotation of spinach
A. tricolor, usually spinach pull comes from this type of
A. Spinosus commonly known as spinach thorn
A. Blitum, namely spinach
A. Caudatus is used as an ornamental plant because the flowers are a lovely long red colored.

It turns out the spinach leaves have many diverse species with the function of each. Not less than 60 varieties of spinach that has been known, some not even can be consumed.
The nutrition content of spinach leaves

We generally have learned that spinach contains iron high and very good for health. However, the spinach is not always only contain iron. There is a very good reason why people orally provide cuisine spinach on his sons, namely because the spinach contains various types of vitamins and minerals are very beneficial for the body. This is the content of the nutrients contained in spinach, including the following:

Vitamin A
Vitamin K
Chlorophyll (antioxidant)
Folic Acid

Much more content of nutrients contained in spinach leaves. Not wrong if the spinach leaves into a healthy food choice.
Benefits of spinach leaves for health

The spinach part usually we can take advantage of is the leaves and roots. But if it is used as a medicinal herb, it is advisable to boil the spinach leaves briefly. This is to prevent nutrients in spinach is not lost. The following are the benefits and usefulness of the spinach leaves have been known to:

Benefits of spinach leaves for the blood Enhancer

High iron contained in spinach is useful for the production of red blood cells. No wonder the spinach is recommended for anemia sufferers and women who are experiencing menstruation. Here's how

Red spinach leaves as many as 3 handhelds,
Washed then ground smooth,
Add as much lime juice 1 tablespoon,
Add as much as 1 tablespoon of honey,
Add 1 egg chicken.

After all the ingredients are stirred, the herb can be drunk per day within one week.

Spinach leaves as drug fever

If the body feels hot and hectic because of fever, herb below can be tried:

Prepare 2 spinach leaves and stalks,
Prepare  (or, if there is not),
Mash all ingredients until smooth,
Put all the ingredients into a bucket of water.

After all, ingredients are soaked in water, apply the herb to the forehead. The fever will go down not long afterward.

Spinach leaves as a cure bronchitis and respiratory disorders

While experiencing pain in the lungs or other breathing disorder, spinach turned out to be very useful to heal. Look at the way his potion making:

Spinach leaves, roots, and flowers,
Mash until smooth,
Simmered in 1 liter of water

The results of water decoction of being able to treat respiratory disorders. Have a drink at the time of the water decoction of the cold. Time to drink in the morning and evening every day.

Spinach has indeed Even all of the above still do not mention all the plant uses this one. Like the fact that spinach is very useful to supplement BREAST MILK in mothers who are, or that spinach is useful for those who have problems urinating. Really simple plants that have millions of benefits. Some of the benefits of spinach as a vegetable to consume more are:

Against cancer cells
Give a better vision
Lowering blood pressure
Healthy heart
Prevent diabetes
Improve memory
Stimulates the growth of children
Keep your digestive system
Maintaining healthy skin

Lots of benefits that can be gained from the leaf spinach. The above things are just some of them. Thus, starting from now more please consume vegetable spinach.

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