Benefits of Breadfruit Leaves For Kidney Disease, Diabetes, and Heart

The existence of traditional medicine to cure various diseases more and more sought after. Benefits of breadfruit leave to treat kidney, diabetes, as well as heart can be without the cost of expensive.

How to cultivate the natural herb be breadfruit leaves varies depending on the type of the disorder suffered a person.

Don't get the wrong process because it can be bad for your health.
In addition to its fruit can be consumed as snacks chips, tree breadfruit also keeps a million benefits on its leaves.

Generally, the herbal remedy made from leaves mixed with boiled and then drink the water or drying the leaves until dry. Then immediately drink or added other herbal ingredients.

What Are The Content Of The Leaves Of Breadfruit That Is Useful For Health?
Benefits of breadfruit leave to treat dangerous diseases such as kidney, uric acid to diabetes can be seen from the content in it.

Some natural substances such as Hidrosinat acid, tannins, riboflavin, Asetilcolin resource is useful to fight against dangerous diseases.

Recently a modern research conducted a researcher of Chinese origin, the results of the research finding of fact if the function is very useful for breadfruit leaves the healing process of cardiovascular disease.

1. Useful for treating gout
Choose fresh leaves that are not hollow, smooth and clean it using a cloth if dirty surface. Wash the leaves and then cut into pieces and then dry it with the way the drying process.

Benefits of breadfruit leave dried can cure diseases of uric acid do I prepare 15 grams of dried leaves, one handheld leaf muscle, honey or sugar cubes to taste and 1 cup water to a boil.
How to prepare it: Seduh breadfruit leaves along leaf greges muscle and then strain the water. Once cool, add honey or sugar cubes as a natural sweetener herb. Drinking herbal remedy this breadfruit leaves regularly twice a day for ten days.
2. Benefits of breadfruit leaves for kidneys
Drinking the decoction of leaves is regularly coupled a prayer to the Almighty can be herbal remedies to cure sick kidney. The key is discipline in consuming herbal concoctions of breadfruit leaves per day. Don't forget to choose the best leaf that is fresh, not perforated, clean of impurities.
3. Benefits of breadfruit leaves for the heart
If you want a fit body and capable of working to the maximum, keep heart health starts from now on. But if you're suffering from heart pain, try herbal remedies made from breadfruit leaves.

Select leaves that are old and still stuck in the tree. Clean water flows then dry to dry.
How to cultivate the boiled breadfruit leaves: along five glasses of boiling water until the water is staying half. Add water again until you reach the volume five glasses.

The benefits of water for breadfruit leaves stew this heart drugs last only one day so it must be spent the same day in other words not be saved for tomorrow.
4. Benefits of breadfruit leaves for diabetes
To provide the three pieces of the leaves are dark green, try sticking in the branches of a tree. Clean in running water, then dry the following until dry.

Prepare also the container then fill two liters of clean water. Try the container made of earthenware clay, but if no one can use a stainless steel pot. Boil breadfruit leaves dried up last in the container that was already prepared.

Wait until the water is staying half. Next, add a liter of clean water and boil again until the half. Chill, drinking regularly every day to treat diabetes as well as lowering blood cholesterol levels.
5. leaves of breadfruit for diseases lever
How to prepare it: take an old leaf then wash to clean. After that, boiled with water to taste until. Wait to cool, drink water boiled breadfruit leaves twice a day i.e. morning and evening as much as one glass once drank.

How To Cultivate The Traditional Remedy For Breadfruit Leaves
In order for the efficacy and benefits contained in the leaves of this herb can be absorbed by the body and the maximum to avoid the occurrence of side effects of poisoning that are harmful to health, following the correct way of processing the leaves of breadfruit ranging from material selection process, drying out till the boiling process.
Try to choose leaves that are old or it would be better that leaves the color yellow.
Avoid taking leaves that have already fallen to the ground, so in order for the maximum benefits of breadfruit leaves can preferably directly quoting from the tree.
If the processed leaves of herbs that are still fresh, avoid processing the leaves are disabled (many holes, dirty, uneven color). Make it a habit to wash with running water before processing the breadfruit leaves.
If processed herbs use the dried leaves, dry under the sunlight until they are completely dry.

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