10 Health Benefits of Green Tea for a Natural Body

No need to doubt the benefits of drinking green tea for health body is very much. The goodness of nature that is contained in the tea leaves had in fact been widely utilized in various products. Have you been enjoying the benefits of green tea for health? Or you are not sure of the natural deposits in it so that you do not dare to try?

Sure you often see product ads fresh drinks made from tea leaves promising a million benefits to the body. The healthy living trend still clashed with the instant way.

Similarly, with the benefits of green tea which originally could only be obtained by processing the leaves him directly. This is an ancient tradition of Japanese people who are already feeling the benefits of drinking tea for health hereditary.

Are there any dangers that may be caused by green tea?

Unlike the caffeine in coffee can cause insomnia, teeth turn yellow until the risk of early death. Tea leaves contain anti-oxidants particularly useful for health and beauty. To date, there has been no official report on the dangers of drinking green tea for the health of the human body. So, you don't have to be concerned with the side effects that may be caused.

This Is The Green Tea Benefits For The Health Of Your Body

1. There are myths say drinking green tea is effective for slimming the body, is it a myth?

As I've alluded to at the beginning, the natural anti-oxidants in green tea contains catechin polyphenols. And scientists have managed to identify six types of catechins are different, one being the epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG is what plays a role in increasing the metabolic rate of the body so that the process becomes more maximum calorie burning.

Furthermore, the benefits of green tea also reduce fat, suppress appetite and removes excess water in the body. This is why drinking green tea is associated with a diet naturally.

2. Do you green tea is beneficial to lower a person's cholesterol levels?

There are two natural deposits in green tea that played an important role in addressing the problem of cholesterol namely tannins and catechins. Tannins are useful in reducing levels of LDL (Low-density lipoprotein-) or bad cholesterol causes blockage of blood.

While catechin has the function to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine so indirectly, the benefits of drinking green tea can keep your heart health.

3. you mild allergy sufferers? There are cheap and potent natural remedies to address the problem of allergies

Yes, epigallocatechin gallate in green tea turns out to produce histamine and immunoglobulin E (IgE). Both of these compounds can treat allergies in animal fur, dust or other mild allergies.

4. The benefits of green tea also play a role in treating type 2 diabetes thanks to the natural anti-oxidants in it. Drinking green tea regularly will inhibit the secretion of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase that can slow down the absorption of glucose in the blood.

5. Did you know, green tea also contains caffeine like coffee?
Drink beverages that contain caffeine highly not recommended for sufferers of hypertension. But unlike the green tea only has a low caffeine presentations, unlike coffee. The number of benefits for the health of caffeine such as managing diabetes, keep your blood pressure and makes the heart healthy green tea health drink.

6. The dilemma between the risks and benefits of green tea for pregnant women-you should know

The health of a mother who was pregnant certainly should be kept properly, should not be indiscriminate and random. The facts say the content of Anti-oxidants in green tea is very good for helping the body regenerate damaged cells, regulate blood sugar and insulin levels as well as control of hypertension.

One of the benefits of green tea for pregnant women is reducing the risk of hypertension and diabetes on the final stage of pregnancy thanks to the increased immune system.

Green tea for pregnant women

However, there is a risk that could have threatened the mother's health, namely the presence of caffeine in green tea. Although the numbers are small, the caffeine is diuretics that means forcing the body to let go of the body fluids causing dehydration. It's good if the mother consulted with the obstetrician about security levels of green tea on pregnant women.

7. In spite of my earlier review of anti-oxidant substances turns out there are other contents of green tea theanine. This substance is the amino acid that helps reduce stress and anxiety. In other words, the benefits of drinking green tea can soothe your mind. Just as the fragrance of pandan leaves benefits could make the mind more relaxed, calm and restore the mood.

8 Benefits drinking green tea when the rainy season like this is improving immune from viruses as well as bacteria. So you will be spared from the disease a million people that is the flu. How can? It turns out the content of vitamin C in green tea are also abundant in addition of anti-oxidants and flavonoids.

9. For people who have severe asthma problem, the benefits of green tea are very useful in reducing the severity of asthma. Thanks to the content profiling can relax the muscles to provide support to the bronchial tract so relieve asthma. In addition, the benefits of green tea also reduce sensitivity to an allergic reaction so as to reduce the recurrence of asthma.

10. low bone density is a common problem most Indonesian women. The high fluoride content in green tea helps in keeping the bones remain strong and slow the damage, thereby reducing the possibility of exposed problems such as osteoporosis.

That's 10 green tea benefits for a body that you can get if drink it regularly. There is no harm in starting a pattern of healthy living with diligent drink green tea every day from now on. Afterwards, will be discussed in depth and specific what are the benefits of green tea for women's beauty.

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