10 Benefits of Nicotine To the Smoker's Health

Do you know what it's for nicotine, smokers certainly know what is a nicotine because it must have been on or in cigarettes. On this occasion will be discussed some of the benefits of nicotine to the smoker's health. But before discussing further the benefits of nicotine would be better when you know what is nicotine. Nicotine is the leaves of the plant a tobacco that is often used to flavor enhancer in ancient times and also used to mix smoking. The effects exerted by nicotine on health is very much whether adverse or beneficial for its users.

Many people who know or declare that smoking is very harmful or can say nicotine has the same dangers of smoking because most cigarette made of nicotine even almost all cigarette contain nicotine. Indeed essentially nicotine has a danger to health. As for the danger to health of nicotine at least give three main effects

The effect of using nicotine

The pressure of the heart faster
Increased blood pressure than usual
The breath becomes heavier and very fast

It is three dangers or side effects common to be provided by nicotine when too much consume him. We know that every created this world certainly has benefits is no exception with nicotine. In addition to having the dangers are indeed very dangerous as it has been reviewed 3 above nicotine also has excellent benefits for health. However, to keep in mind is not to be too much consumption because it can cause the effects mentioned above

To find out more what are the benefits of nicotine then check out the following explanation about 14 nicotine's benefits to mankind.

1. Overcoming the nervous

Nervousness may occur on any person. Ranging from adults to children. But usually, there are a few people who did capitalize on nicotine as a sedative so she won't feel nervous and calmer when talks in public or as well as presentation.

2. Boost the immune system in humans

Many people say that nicotine has a very dangerous hazard for man but in fact indeed when consumed too much will bring danger to humans but when you're eating not excessive then it will help the immune be more able to work perfectly. This is because when the presence of nicotine into the body's immune body will work fine so it will shape immune the body continue to continue evolving the immune will become stronger

3. Reduce Parkinson

There have been many that prove that the nicotine in cigarettes can make Parkinson's unchallenged in terms this means the nicotine can prevent the body to be exposed to Parkinson's disease.

4. temporal Relationships better

Nicotine is indeed one of the substances that can be referred to as a sedative substance. Therefore, of course, it would be helpful to the temporal properties owned by the man more awake.
5. Can reduce heart attacks

On the nicotine in cigarettes made there is also the presence of carbon monoxide in which turns carbon monoxide has the effectiveness to reduce heart attacks and also to reduce heart attacks

6. Overcoming a stroke

Benefits of nicotine is the presence of nicotine content is mainly due to the burning of tobacco or of tobacco leaf is also a lot of nicotine that can cure the disease stroke

7. Avoid shrinkage gums

Due to the large content of a benefit derived from nicotine, one of which was to prevent shrinkage gums become Then very good for those who want the gums that are not easy to tangle with a way of consuming nicotine. Although it should not be exaggerated in consumption it is very good for consumption
8. Preventing allergies In the membrane of the eye

In a study stating that nicotine has good benefits to cope with allergies on the membrane of the eye. This is proven in a study conducted in Sweden that some children whose mothers consume smoking at least where pairs each day has a very low chance of disease allergic eye membranes.

Of the statement can be known that nicotine has the same benefits as in cigarettes contain nicotine so that these benefits also became the lens needs to be known

9. Kill Germs

It turns out there are benefits of nicotine which is rarely known. As for the keep is it can kill germs that cause tuberculosis disease something there are compounds that can stop the growth of various types of germs that cause tuberculosis. Although only used a few of these compounds. Despite this, however, should not consume too much because it can give the effect of a hazard if the dose exceeds the usage.

10. Prevent skin cancer

Nicotine content turns out to be not only good to kill the germs that cause tuberculosis but in a study of a researcher argues that smoke containing nicotine can prevent the occurrence of cancer especially skin cancer. This is done on older people in the Mediterranean region and also southern Italy Israel and Greece. Benefits of nicotine to the smoker can be obtained for those who smoke use tobacco

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