Not Always Malicious, It Causes A Toned Stomach While Young Pregnant

Young Pregnant

Young Lady may happen to you during pregnancy. This condition may often result in the concern of pregnant women, although in general, it is a normal process to support child development.

For a normal pregnancy, and generally not serious. However, it does not hurt when you stay informed of this complaint and more carefully. If there are up to four times an hour, we recommend consulting with the doctor.

A common cause

While young pregnant women, in general, because of the uterus being developed will be pushed belly muscles. As a result, the stomach even feels the company.
Additionally, young people can also be pregnant when they are caused by several things, such as:

1.    Ligaments (round ligaments pain) Round ligaments are tissues that help to support the uterus, and this network is connected from all over the uterus to the fold of the thigh. In addition to the development of pregnancy, the size of the uterus will grow. This led to ligaments joining the ligament stretching, causing discomfort in the form of pain. The belly of the already stretched due to the expansion of the uterus, it will feel more hardened due to pain in the ligaments.
2.    Constipation Young pregnant women when they can also be the cause of pregnancy or constipation experience and abdominal swelling. Pregnant at the time, Progesterone hormone levels are increasing. Next, the digestion process becomes slower. Pain in the stomach, because this can be overcome by eating that, relieves the stool like fibers from fruits and vegetables, exercise and drink more fluid in the first place water.
3.    Convulsions can be early signs of pregnancy in some women. If you're experienced, don't rush into a panic. Cramping occurs when young pregnant because at that moment an egg that has been fertilized tries to cling to the wall of the uterus. Young people caused by pregnancy and pregnant women due to convulsions can also occur when paying in the second trimester of the polluter. During pregnancy, then the uterine muscle will work hard to keep the pregnancy. At certain times during pregnancy, such as when holding urine or gymnastics, the muscles of the uterus are already toned during pregnancy and are more susceptible to cramping.
4.    After sex, Other reasons are young while pregnant because sex is up to orgasm. Instant orgasm, the muscles will react and can affect the vagina and uterus, resulting in contractions. At this moment, his stomach is feeling tight.

More serious reasons

It can also be a pain or a young pregnant woman while the cause of a more serious condition, such as pregnancy in the uterus. This happens when an egg that has been enriched by semen does not stick to the uterus. They often stick to fallopian tubes. Generally, expectant mothers who suffer from non-subject pregnancy will feel pain and bleed badly in 6-10 weeks of gestational age.

The feeling of discomfort in the stomach while the young pregnant woman can also feel in the case of spontaneous abortions. Involved in gestational age under 13 weeks. Characterized by a backache, constant contractions and bleeding.

addition, the stomach was feeling tight young while the expectant can be a sign that you have another condition, such as kidney stones, appendicitis, or urinary tract infection (TT). Sometimes mysterious symptoms, because it was just the taste of patients like abdominal pain in general. Also the probability of having mysterious symptoms to be among other illnesses or because of the pregnancy itself.

We recommend that you be vigilant if it is tight while young pregnant accompanied by unbearable pain or down, nausea and vomiting, fever, chills, pain during urination, the fluid comes out of the vagina, or there is bleeding from the vagina.

Basically, the stomach feels young tight while pregnant is not dangerous and does not harm the fetus. However, if the pain does not come to pass as well as the cause is not yet known, it is recommended to check to the doctor for proper treatment.

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