Can Pregnant Women Eat Durian?

Pregnant Women Eat Durian

Even though some people are not like the pungent aroma of durian because however many people thus became a big fan of the type of fruit that is sweet and delicious.

The term King of Fruits as snacks that assert be nutrient content. Even though it contains vital nutrients required by the body, it turns out that durian included in food abstinence for pregnant women (see also: fruit abstinence of the mother). Why so, yuk we follow the following explanation.

Durian contains many vitamins and minerals, so be one of the healthiest fruits good for consumption, but should remain in reasonable portions.

Some of the vitamins in the durian which are vitamins B, C, and e. in addition to carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber, durian also contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, magnesium, manga, copper, to potassium.

In addition to the above substances, durian also contains sugar and cholesterol high enough, so it is not recommended for diabetics and pregnant women, especially with alcohol, arachidonate as well as the nature of the heat there is in this fruit. Even the effects of alcohol in the durian fruit are almost the same danger with alcoholic beverages.

The risk that arises due to Durian Consumption in pregnant women

Babies Born Prematurely

Every expectant mother certainly didn't want her baby was born prematurely because the condition of the babies born prematurely will be exposed to higher risk of complications such as in the lungs, and the heart.

As prevention efforts, we recommend pregnant women restrict consumption excessive durian or wherever possible avoid consumption of durian.

The Risk Of Miscarriage

Durian consumption in early pregnancy is very risky because the content of alcohol can cause heat effect so that harm fetal conditions in the womb. This may increase the risk of the occurrence of miscarriage.

Trigger Uterine Contractions

Arachidonic acid compounds contained in the durian is known can stimulate the formation of prostaglandins that can trigger the onset of contractions of the uterus. The condition of the uterus to contract before the time of the birth, of course, being things that can harm a pregnancy.

The Risk Of Defects In The Fetus

Excessive durian consumption, where the alcohol content in them high enough can inhibit the growth of fetuses that were conceived. As a result of the fetus does not grow and optimally positioned, thus enabling the risk of babies born in conditions of disability.

The Risk Of Experiencing Diabetes

A fairly high sugar content on durian is also one of the reasons why this fruit includes dietary restrictions for pregnant women. Because of the high sugar can trigger the onset of diabetes in pregnant women, and if this is the case can increase the risk of pregnancy complications and birth.

The risk of experiencing hypertension

High cholesterol content on durian triggers the onset of narrowing of the arteries until it can result in the risk of the disease of hypertension in pregnant women. And it should be noted that the disease could also lower cholesterol mother to a fetus that. Besides narrowing of blood vessels can also increase the risk of disorders of the heart so it can harm a pregnancy.

The Risk Of Preeclampsia

Hypertension experienced by pregnant women due to durian consumption can trigger the risk of occurrence of preeclampsia, which is characterized by the presence of symptoms of swelling of the face and hands. This condition should not be because it could cause the fetus died in the womb, could even result in the risk of death in pregnant women.

The Fetus Is Experiencing A Lack Of Oxygen

The existence of a narrowing in the blood vessels as a result of consumption of durian could cause the oxygen flow to the body of pregnant women is hampered, so too in the fetus that is being conceived. This certainly would be very dangerous, because the fetus can become limp and his movement is not active.

Fetal Blood Shortage

Another result of the narrowing of blood vessels is the risk of the fetus is experiencing a shortage of red blood cells. This can cause the baby is anemic, so at risk of needing a blood transfusion at birth later.

Well, the above explanation of the reason why durian should not be consumed while pregnant. Although there are still many pros and cons associated durian consumption in pregnant women is allowed if in small portions, but at least we already know the likelihood of risks which can occur if the durian consumption performed while pregnant.

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